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Masonry Adhesive Compound

Masonry Adhesive is a plaster based adhesive compound formulated to bond plasterboard sheets to masonry, brick or concrete walls.

It has high bond strength, offering a long setting time and is suitable for bonding to difficult surfaces.

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Physical Properties
  • Colour: Light yellow 
  • Working time: Setting Type – 65 mins 
  • Packaging: 20kg bag
  • VOC: Less than 50g per litre
  • Suitable for bonding plasterboard sheets to masonry, brick or concrete walls
  • Fixing method should not be used for walls over 3.6m high or where the wall surface requires more than 25mm of packing to bring it back to a true line.
  • May be applied to either a wall or to the back of a sheet
  • If gluing plasterboard to an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) wall, then Masonry Adhesive should only be applied to the back of the sheet.
Features and Benefits
  • Mixes easily to a creamy, lump-free gauge
  • High body for ease of application
  • Excellent wet tack
  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates