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Supplier Information


Suppliers are an important part of Knauf's success. This page contains information that will assist you in partnering with Knauf.

Knauf works to strategically leverage and manage the company's supply base to ensure goods and services are delivered safely, reliably, at a competitive cost, and always on a platform of integrity. We believe that fostering and maintaining productive, collaborative relationships with suppliers is critical to our success.

Knauf seeks partnerships with suppliers who have a strong safety culture, reliable operations, quality goods and services, competitive pricing, strong cost-management skills, innovative business solutions, and a strong customer focus. Potential suppliers are evaluated based on compliance, financial health, environment & safety, capability and information protection risks.

We strive to make working with Knauf as simple and valuable as possible for our suppliers. Because the better we collaborate, the more effectively we can serve our mutual customers. Find below the resources that will help guide how you do business with Knauf.


This code sets out our expectations of businesses that want to sell their goods or services to Knauf and outlines what constitutes a responsible supplier.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct.


Knauf recognizes its responsibility as a company to respect human rights, not only within our own business activities but also within our global supply chain.

Read our Modern Slavery statement

Read the Knauf Group Policy statement on Human Rights


Knauf uses eftsure for supplier payment verification services. Eftsure is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system, designed to validate the integrity of online transactions and supplier information. It ensures accurate electronic funds transfer of payments and provides greater assurance that funds are going where they are intended. There is no charge for suppliers to be verified by Eftsure.