Systems+ The ultimate lightweight plasterboard design guide

Systems+ Plasterboard Systems Guide


The ultimate lightweight plasterboard design guide, Systems+ has been purposely designed for architects, engineers, builders, certifiers and plastering contractors to make it easier to select the right system for any project.

Covering a wide range of Knauf systems, Systems+ provides certified fire rating, acoustic and structural performance data and installation specifications. This helps you to find the right system for your project so you can specify and comply with ease.

Systems+ is easily accessible, available online with the ability to download a PDF copy for yourself. You can either view the full guide, or only the section relevant to you as we have made each section individually available for convenience such as 'Steel Stud Walls' and 'Multi-Residential'. 

Please refer to the Technical Bulletin Fire-Rated Products released April 2022 for the latest fire-rated products and systems specifications.

(Hardcopy not currently available)




Covers a wide range of systems to satisfy design and Building Code requirements

Systems independently certified for fire and acoustic performance

Structural, fire and acoustic performance of systems in one location

Installation specifications and details included

Systems+ is part of a wider range of design tools Knauf provide to make specifying easier. 

If you prefer using an electronic program, our BIM WIZARD®  and eSelector tools have all the same systems as our Systems+ guide plus many more and have been designed to streamline the process of selecting, designing and creating the correct Knauf wall or ceiling system for your project requirements.