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Our architectural clients benefit from diverse product choice, world-class technology, field-tested performance and hands-on technical support through TecASSIST® and a range of architectural design resources and tools including BIM WIZARD®, eSelector, Acoustic Ceilings e-Estimator and Systems+.

Idea creation and innovation originates with our customers and in particular, the vision of architects. Imagine where we would be without design? Form with function is a sustainable reality for today's built environment.

Our challenge is to develop building products and systems that help to realise the creative vision of designers, meet or exceed performance requirements and provide real benefits for construction, installation and maintenance - a strong platform for Innovation Inspired by You. 


Our range of AIA certified presentations are designed to support your development as a design professional. Delivered by industry experts, we cover acoustics, fire and other elements of the National Construction Code (NCC) that relate to the design of wall and ceiling systems.

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Knauf offers a wide choice of innovative building products & systems to help simplify the design & specification process. Select from performance tested products and systems solutions versatile enough to enable designers to meet fire, acoustic and impact performance standards across mulitple applications.