STRATOPANEL By KNAUF for Nazareth Catholic College, Adelaide

Nazareth Catholic College, Adelaide

Nazareth Catholic College, Adelaide

Russell & Yelland

Kennett Buildings

Master Linings


Stratopanel® Alternating Circular 12/20/66R



Nazareth Catholic College (NCC) is an independent co-educational school in Adelaide, South Australia. It caters to both primary and secondary students across its campuses in Findon, Flinders Park, and its new senior school in Kidman Park.

The recently completed senior school campus needed to look and feel like a seamless extension of the existing campus facilities. Having specified Stratopanel by Knauf previously, Russell & Yelland architects again selected Stratopanel by Knauf for Nazareth Catholic College’s new senior school development. In addition to providing consistency with the school’s other campus buildings, the sustainable design and superior acoustic performance of Stratopanel was a key deciding factor.   

Hariklia Pontikinas, Associate Architect, Russell & Yelland

"Stratopanel by Knauf has acoustic properties that are essential in a learning environment. With high-level noise absorption treatment, the Stratopanel by Knauf panels were the ideal choice for the Nazareth Catholic College expansion.

Not only do they ensure that the open quiet space cancels out external noise, empowering students to focus on their studies, but they also ensure teachers don’t need to strain their voices for students to hear them."



A total of 2,378m2 of 12/20/66R pattern Stratopanel was installed across 85 per cent of the ceilings throughout the project including foyers, corridors, learning areas, and the principal’s office. For added effect, and to complement the high-end finishes throughout the campus, Stratopanel used throughout the project were painted white and dark green.

Nazareth Catholic College contracted Kennett Builders to complete the expansion, with Master Linings engaged to install the Stratopanel perforated acoustic ceiling panels. The Stratopanel ceiling panels are designed to ensure perfect alignment of continuous perforation patterns. They are available in various perforation patterns for different project designs and acoustic needs.

Ed Schulz, Project Manager, Kennett Builders

“Installation went very smoothly for the Nazareth Catholic College expansion. The Stratopanel by Knauf perforated acoustic ceiling panels were easy to install with the support of the skilled contractors working across the project.

The panels look great, and the acoustics are fantastic, especially for a school, and we’d use the panels again for future projects.”


Beyond the acoustic properties, the Stratopanel also helps to improve indoor air-quality in commonly used spaces, which is essential for the health and safety of students and staff in an educational environment. In particular, Stratopanel using CLEANEO® technology, an air-purifying technology that uses dehydrated zeolite to reduce smells and airborne pollutants, purifying the air that streams through the perforated surface by removing unpleasant contaminants. It also offers a sustainable product for builders and is made from a combination of low embodied energy, non-toxic natural gypsum, and liner paper.

Hariklia Pontikinas said, “Noise reverberation is a concentration killer; without great acoustics, students and teachers can suffer from significant distractions. Stratopanel by Knauf offers superior acoustics with the added benefit of its appealing aesthetics and sustainable development. It ticked every box for this build and was an easy choice.”

Download the case study here.