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Knauf – DIY Stud Adhesive

For the most adventurous DIY enthusiast, Knauf DIY Stud Adhesive makes light work of building or repairing plasterboard walls and ceilings.

Watch our video on installing plasterboard walls or installing plasterboard ceilings to learn how to apply Stud Adhesive.


Available in 1.3kg and 2.6kg resealable pails, Knauf DiY Stud Adhesive will bond plasterboard to framing hard and fast.

Physical Properties
  • Acrylic-based adhesive.
  • Available in 1.3kg & 2.6kg resealable pails.
  • Adhering new plasterboard to timber and metal frames during installation.
  • Apply stud adhesive onto the frame before installing the plasterboard and screw fixing onto the frames.
  • Ensure the adhesive does not dry out during application.
  • Clean any spillage as quickly as possible.