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IntRwall® Separating Wall System

The next generation of multi-residential separating wall systems

Knauf IntRwall® is the next generation of separating inter-tenancy and corridor wall systems designed specifically for residential apartments.

Knauf IntRwall® is a lightweight separating wall system that offers a number of advantages compared to traditional fire-rated plasterboard systems and alternative solutions. It offers reduced construction costs compared to other options available in the market without compromising on performance. Based on panelised construction principles, IntRwall® is easy and quick to install and does not require heavy lifting equipment.

IntRwall® systems utilise 25mm Shaftliner plasterboard panels and fit between steel I-studs. Outer linings each side of the wall are fixed directly to I-studs, or on furring channels or free-standing steel studs. Services are easily incorporated in wall cavities on one or both sides of the wall.

Compliance made easy with Knauf wall and ceiling systems and Insulation

The addition of Knauf Insulation glasswool products to the IntRwall® systems gives you access to fully compliant and complete Knauf branded solutions. IntRwall® satisifes NCC acoustic requirements for inter-tenncy walls, corridor walls and acoustic separation when installed with Knauf Insulation.

  • Panelised lightweight system
  • Installation does not require heavy lifting equipment.
  • Easy incorporation of services
  • Narrow footprint
  • Fire ratings up to FRL -/120/120
  • Acoustic ratings up to Rw+ Ctr = 55dB

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Fire ratings up to FRL -/120/120

Acoustic ratings up to Rw+ Ctr = 55dB


Separating walls for multi-storey apartment buildings


GECA certified plasterboard