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Multi-Residential Systems


The composition of Australian housing is changing, with multi-residential building approvals reaching almost 50% of the total dwelling approvals in  the 2015 calendar year.

Knauf offers a range of NCC compliant fire and acoustic rated building systems for the multi-residential sector. These include:

  • Partiwall® separating walls for Class 1a attached dwellings
  • IntRwall® separating walls for Class 2 and 3 buildings with concrete slabs
  • Multiframe™ construction system for timber framed multi-storey buildings


The pioneering system of its kind in Australia, Knauf Partiwall® is a lightweight separating wall system for attached Class 1a dwellings.

Partiwall® is essentially a twin-stud wall system, incorporating a single or double layer 25mm Shaftliner™ plasterboard fire barrier within the wall cavity.

Partiwall® was developed to suit the normal pattern of timber frame construction and follow-up trades, and permits easy incorporation of services.


IntRwall® is a lightweight separating wall system for multi-residential buildings Class 2 and 3.

Based on panelised construction principles, IntRwall® is easy and quick to install and does not require heavy lifting equipment. Services are easily incorporated into wall cavities on one or both sides of the wall.


Knauf Multiframe™ is a complete fire rated construction system for multi-storey timber framed buildings. Multiframe™ is comprised of a range of timber framed plasterboard walls and ceilings that satisfy fire rating and acoustic requirements of the National Construction Code.