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Bushfire Protection


In accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas, the bushfire risk for a particular building is defined in terms of its Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). The standard stipulates six possible Bushfire Attack Levels, ranging from low-risk BAL-LOW to very high-risk BAL-FZ (Flame Zone). While bushfire protection requirements for the lower five BAL categories range from ember protection to the use of non-combustible materials, BAL-FZ requires a 30min fire rating of the building envelope elements and sub-floor structure. Knauf offers a range of fire rated solutions that satisfy the requirements for BAL-FZ.

External Walls Protection

OutRwall® fire rated external wall systems provide a lightweight alternative to concrete or masonry construction. The Fireclad® fire rated external wall system is also available for the protection of sheds, warehouses and industrial buildings.

Separating Walls Protection

Knauf Partiwall® is a lightweight fire-rated separating wall system for attached dwellings. Partiwall® provides a cost effective alternative to concrete and masonry construction and can be used for separating garages from living areas.

Sub-Floor Protection

Knauf offers a number of fire rated floor/ceiling systems suitable for protecting exposed floors in bushfire prone zones. Refer to the Bushfire Protection brochure for more.