The Ultimate Plasterboard Installation Guide

Plasterboard Installation Manual

Plasterboard Installation Manual

Updated in March 2023, Knauf Plasterboard Installation Manual is an essential reference guide for plasterboard installers and builders.

In addition to the latest Knauf plasterboard installation and finishing specifications, Plasterboard Installation Manual provides a wealth of useful information on good building practices associated with defect free, quality plasterboard linings.

Download the Plasterboard Installation Manual here 


Knauf Plasterboard Installation Manual contains the following plasterboard related information and specifications:

·       Plasterboard and its properties

·         Fixing to framed walls

·       Design considerations

·         Fixing to masonry Walls

·       Plasterboard sizes

·         Installation in wet areas

·       Framing requirements

·         Construction of curves and arches

·       Linings layout

·         Installation of cornices

·       Plasterboard fastening

·         Jointing of plasterboard linings

·       Installation of internal ceilings

·         Tools and accessories

·       Installation of garage and external ceilings

·         Decorating plasterboard linings