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Fireclad® Fire-rated External Wall System


Knauf FireCLAD is a fire-rated industrial exterior wall system for portal framed industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories, where external walls in close proximity to neighbouring properties or other buildings are required to be fire-resistant.

Developed in conjunction with BlueScope Steel, FireCLAD provides a light-weight alternative to precast concrete or masonry fire-rated external walls in new and existing buildings.

The FireCLAD System utilises Knauf Firestop or Fire Wetstop plasterboard linings attached to the building portal frame underneath Colorbond® steel cladding, to provide fire resistance levels of 60, 90 and 120 minutes from the external side. The FireCLAD System has been assessed and certified in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), 

  • Suitable for new construction and upgrades of existing buildin
  • Can be pre-fabricated and crane lifted where access does not permit conventional construction methods
  • External plasterboard joints are overclad and therefore do not require taping and setting
  • Fire-rating up to 2 hours (FRL 120/120/120) from outside only

Fire ratings up to 2 hours


  • Fire-rated industrial external boundary walls in portal framed buildings
  • Suitable for new construction or fire upgrade of existing external wall
  • Fire-rated plasterboard linings can be fixed directly to girts of maximum 2.0BMT and 1200mm spacings
  • Fire upgrade construction details available for applications where girt spacing exceeds 1200mm



GECA certified plasterboard