New Stratopanel Acoustic Performance Data

New Stratopanel Acoustic Performance Data

Acoustic ceiling products comprise of sound absorbing materials that work to provide a quieter work or learning environment. Both internal noises from adjacent work spaces (phones, copiers and other mechanical equipment) and external noise from outside traffic can pose challenges to concentration and attention spans. When reverberated noise within the internal environment is not controlled it can negatively effect not only productivity but on mood and health as well.

Stratopanel® by Knauf with Cleaneo technology is a high performing complete acoustic ceiling solution. Designed, manufactured and tested with Knauf approved components and accessories, the Stratopanel system is precisely engineered for acoustic performance and design flexibility. 

Our latest acoustic absorption performance data from recent tests at the CSIRO laboratory in Australia shows the Stratopanel® 12/25R Regular Round and 12/25Q Regular Square profiles achieve 0.80 NRC and 0.90 NRC respectively, when installed with Knauf Insulation 50mmx11kg/m3 glasswool (KI 50G11) in overall ceiling cavity depths of 200mm and 400mm.

Stratopanel 12/25R Regular Round

Stratopanel Acoustic 12-25 R


Stratopanel 12/25Q Regular Round

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