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New formula Cornice Adhesive

New Formula Cornice Adhesive Saves Installation Time

Our Cornice Adhesive now has three setting times

We recently released a noticeably creamier and smoother new version of our Cornice Adhesive compound. Now we’re offering it in a new 90-minute setting version – which can help save significant time on larger jobs.

The longer the setting time, the longer you have to install cornice before needing to clean up and mix a new batch. So having over an hour to apply Cornice Adhesive at a time means less downtime. Knauf Cornice Adhesive is still available in 45-minute and 60-minute setting times – to suit different types of projects and climatic conditions.

Read about the practical benefits of these product improvements in a blog from Tim Harrington, Category Manager for Compounds.

For more product information, or to download our compounds catalogue and selector chart, visit the Cornice Adhesive page here.