Knauf AU update to customers

Knauf update to customers

You may have seen a news report recently about issues relating to ceilings that may have been installed using glues supplied by Knauf.

As a leading manufacturer of premium building materials, Knauf is committed to ensuring consumers receive the highest quality products, installed according to industry standards.

Safety is paramount for our company and indeed, for our industry, which is why we take such claims seriously. For this reason, we took immediate steps to investigate the allegations contained in the news report, seeking to contact the homeowners involved.

We are confident that the Knauf ceiling systems satisfy the requirements of relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code.

In fact, our preliminary inquiries in relation to one of the two homes featured in the news report confirm that the issue appears to be related to incorrect products utilised in the ceiling system. We continue to try to contact the owners of the second home featured in the news story.

Ceiling failures or collapses are rare but when they happen, they serve as a reminder of the importance of following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and the Australian Standards.

Preventing a ceiling failure starts with the correct installation of the ceiling system as the home is being built. Ceilings should be installed in accordance with manufacturer installation guidelines and Australian Standards, and ceiling materials and insulation must comply with the standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) including safety, health, amenity, and sustainability.

While every project is different, and the most suitable fixing method can vary, the most common causes of ceiling failure include but are not limited to:

  • ·       Incorrect plasterboard lining installation in accordance with Australian Building Standards;
  • ·       wallboard installed in place of ceiling board;
  • ·       The use of non-compliant (short) screws;
  • ·       Inadequate application of stud adhesive;
  • ·       No fixing of temporary blocks to the plasterboard and framing while the stud adhesive cures; and
  • ·       A lack of roof sarking to protect against water ingress and 

     ·       weight overload on ceilings such as air-conditioning units, ceiling fans installed without adequate engineered framing support.

For consumers building their home, it’s important to use qualified industry professionals for every aspect and ensure installers follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines closely. It’s equally as important for customers to insist that the guidelines be followed.

When purchasing an existing home, buyers should ensure their building inspection includes a thorough review of the ceiling systems and, if there are any issues, these should be dealt with urgently.

At Knauf, we take safety seriously – and ensure our products meet the very highest standards.