SHEETROCK® ONE - From 1 July

SHEETROCK® ONE - Reducing Complexity, Improving Supply

On 1st July 2022 we will introduce SHEETROCK® ONE to market, a single plasterboard solution that can span 600mm centres for residential wall and ceiling applications. SHEETROCK ONE will replace the current 10mm SHEETROCK Wall and Ceiling standard plasterboards.

Feedback from customers advised us that a single 10mm plasterboard solution will offer less complexity for residential wall and ceiling applications when compared to the traditional separated offer, providing a range of efficiency benefits both on and offsite.

Additionally, simplifying the 10mm SHEETROCK range will reduce manufacturing complexity, in turn helping us to improve continuity and reliability of plasterboard supply for our customers.

SHEETROCK ONE board sizes can be found below and replace our current 10mm SHEETROCK Wall and Ceiling board range and sizes.

 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1200x2400mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1200x3000mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1200x3600mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1200x4800mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1200x6000mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1350x3600mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1350x4800mm
 SHEETROCK® ONE 10x1350x6000mm

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or get in touch with your Knauf Account Manager to answer any questions or provide additional information you may require.