Building for generations

We all face the huge responsibility to leave future generations with a liveable planet.

Thinking in generations and working sustainably have been key attributes of the Knauf family business from the very start. As a result, we are free to make bold decisions whose benefits will only be felt by our children and grandchildren.

Knauf has embraced this challenge with the ambition to become an industry leader in sustainable construction. Our goal is to reach net-zero by 2045 – five years ahead of the Paris agreement. And when Knauf turns 100 in 2034, we will have cut directly controlled CO2 emissions in half.

Over the next two decades we will decarbonise operations in a cost-efficient way, reduce water withdrawals by a fifth, and eliminate waste production from our plants, quarries, and mines. Beyond our targets, we are integrating sustainability into our culture, our operations, and our solutions.

The Knauf family of businesses goes beyond providing construction materials. Our sustainable solutions live in homes and workplaces – the places people call ‘home’.

Our Products

Knauf products are naturally formed and inherently sustainable. They are essential to creating low-emissions buildings, can be re-used, and many are GECA and Global Green-Tag certified. Designed to work as one system, our products reduce the need for heating and cooling to deliver environmental, economic, and social benefits. We also work closely with contractors to reduce on-site waste and boost their recycling capacity.

Gypsum, the main ingredient in our products, can be recycled indefinitely. Knauf plasterboard is manufactured using the most sustainable sources of gypsum available, and we only use 100% recycled paper liners. Our plasterboard is highly durable, simple to recycle and does not deteriorate naturally.

Our Plants

Our production plants are ultra-efficient and use sophisticated heat recovery systems to minimise energy waste. To reduce our environmental impact even further, we continue to explore and invest in alternative energy sources.


2023 Sustainability Awards

Knauf is thrilled to have partnered with Architecture & Design for the 17th Sustainability Awards and to sponsor the new category, Small Sustainable Practice.


A new dawn: Q&A with Knauf’s Sustainability Manager, Ben Francis

Meet Ben Francis. A plasterer by trade and environmental scientist by training, Knauf’s new Sustainability Manager is undoubtedly the man for the job.


Knauf zeroes in on net zero

Knauf is forging a path to net-zero by cutting energy use, switching to renewable energy, innovating processes, and investing heavily in the circular economy of their products.