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Firestop® - Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Firestop® plasterboard has a specially manufactured fire resistant core making it an ideal solution for lightweight fire rated applications.  With greater density than standard plasterboard, Firestop® also offers enhanced acoustic insulation properties.

Wrapped in a distinctive pink paper liner, Firestop® plasterboard has been specifically formulated for use in fire rated building systems. Firestop® is utilised in Multiframe™, Partiwall®, IntRwall® and other proprietary systems providing lightweight fire and acoustic performance. 

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Physical Properties
  • Thickness: 13mm & 16mm
  • Edged Profile: Recessed Edge
  • Paper Colour: Pink
  • Fire Rated wall and ceiling systems
Features and Benefits
  • Fire resistant
  • High acoustic performance
  • GECA Accreditation
  • May contribute to green star points
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