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SHEETROCK® TUFF-HIDE™ Primer-Surfacer is the original dual-purpose vinyl acrylic latex-based coating designed for interior application over new drywall that minimises joint banding and photographing. 

This special primer applies quickly and evenly with professional airless spray equipment and assists with achieving a Level-5 finish.

In ceiling applications where a flat white finish is desired, SHEETROCK® TUFF-HIDE™ Primer-Surfacer can be left unpainted, providing an ideal finish,

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Physical Properties
  • Material: Vinyl acrylic latex-based
  • VOC Content: 22 g/L
  • Packaging: 5 gal. pail, 50 gal. drum
  • Commercial & Residential - For professional use only
Features and Benefits
  • Achieves a Level 5 finish faster
  • High build spray for a smoother, more beautiful finish
  • Durable coating hides minor surface defects
  • Excellent for critical light areas
  • Ideal finish for ceilings
  • Dries white; can be tinted to match final top coat