Systems+ Plasterboard Systems Guide

Systems+ Plasterboard Systems Guide


The ultimate cross-reference selector guide, Systems+ is intended for use by building designers, builders, certifiers and plastering contractors who deal with fire-rated and acoustic construction.

Systems+ provides fire rating, acoustic and structural performance data and installation specifications for a wide range of Knauf building systems. This includes lightweight wall and ceiling systems, masonry upgrades and beam/column fire protection systems.

Complete selector guide on Knauf fire rated and acoustic systems.

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  • Wide choice of systems
  • User friendly format
  • Installation specifications and details included

Fire rated wall systems up to FRL –/240/240 and 180/180/180

Fire rated ceiling systems up to FRL 120/120/120

Wall and ceiling systems with Rw+Ctr=50 or higher

Acoustic ceiling tiles up to NRC = 1.00


  • Steel and timber framed walls
  • Ceilings under timber and concrete floors
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Over-partition systems
  • Fire upgrades of columns and beam
  • Fire and acoustic upgrades of masonry walls
  • Fire escape tunnels


GECA certified plasterboard