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The first Australian installation of SHEETROCK® Plasterboard has inspired R&S Commercial Contractors with its improvements over Knauf's standard plasterboard. Installed in a recent Ceduna SA commercial project, R&S Director Richard Tremain and his team were well-impressed with the new board.

“Feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive. No-one wants to use anything else now.” Alex – Fixer/Supervisor. Richard’s team not only noted improved board quality and “better than usual score and snap” but also said “the impressive part was - it stayed completely intact when they drilled holes in the board for the uni-struts. This would normally result in a few sheets cracking and fracturing in the core.” Richard - R&S Director. Richard also noted that the order also weighed about ½ tonne less than usual. 

We may have paid slightly more (give or take $100) for the board, but I think we saved about $300 in freight alone.” 

“So much lighter and easier to carry and so much easier to work with.” Lynda – Fixer  

“The team were able to power through the project – they weren’t as fatigued as usual and as a result needed less breaks. They finished the project half a day earlier than planned, and got to go home earlier (on a Friday) resulting in half a day less labour I have to pay.”

“I am completely converted – normal plasterboard is finished for me. There’s no point using ordinary plasterboard any more – keeping my team happy is a priority.”
Richard - R&S Director.

Introducing SHEETROCK® to Knauf's standard plasterboard*

  • 15% lighter – easier to carry and install
  • A consistent core that’s easier to score and snap
  • Stronger kilogram-for-kilogram delivers Sag-Defying Strength™
  • Available in Ceiling Boards and Wall Boards
  • Complies with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards

*Comparison to Knauf standard plasterboard - more information available at

The opinions expressed in the testimonials set out above are the opinions of R&S Commercial Contractors and should not be taken to reflect the views or opinions of Knauf. Please visit for more information on Knauf SHEETROCK® PLASTERBOARD.