2Design Group - Logix™ Integrated Ceilings

Main Products Used

Logix™, DONN® DX®/DXL™ Acoustical Suspension System

People Involved

2Design Group, Chicago USA.

Project Scope

2Design Group Studio & associated office space

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Knauf Logix™ Intergrated Ceiling system is used in 2Design Group's studio to show off their sophisticated design sensibilities. The ceiling system blends seamlessly with the light fixtures and any decorative elements. The flexibilities are endless with Knauf's ceiling system due to its clean and modern elements. Not only does the system come in a different variety of ceilings, grids and tiles, Knauf are very responsive when it comes to support and back up. Get in touch with Knauf today to find out more.


Knauf Ceiling Tiles and Systems help create modern, clean, and durable environments that maximise natural lighting and air circulation. Versatile ceiling tiles, panels and suspension systems designed for quick and economical installation in general, acoustic and specialist Healthcare applications.

DONN® DX®/DXL™ Acoustical Suspension System is rust resistant and offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for acoustical panels, light fixtures and air distribution elements.  The system can be used in both general and fire-rated applications providing a practical installation solution for ceiling contractors.

US Chicago-based 2Design Group wanted a studio that would show off their sophisticated design sensibilities. So they turned to Knauf and the Logix™ Integrated Ceiling System. Not only were they impressed by the variety of ceiling grids and tiles that can be used with the system, but also the design options Logix gave them.

Knauf’s specialty range of ceiling systems combine unique design capabilities with ease and ingenuity of installation.


  • Exclusive expansion notch in main tee is designed for controlled collapse in the event of fire, ensuring integrity of the ceiling plane
  • Heavy weight tees resist buckling for longer
  • Visually identical to standard Knauf DONN® Brand 24mm exposed grid where the same image is required in non-fire rated areas
  • Fast, easy installation features of standard DONN® DX exposed grid systems

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