Knauf Solution

Repair, Maintenance, Improvement


We are dedicated to providing you the best of our DIY products that are lightweight and easy to install. For repair, maintenance and improvement of your home, we recommend the usage of our aesthethic materials, acoustic panels and also fire, impact, moisture and mold resistance materials to strengthen building materials.

We recommend the use of our drywall and concealed ceiling system to maximise effectiveness and give you the best seamless finishing.

Aesthetics and Acoustic

Enhance the comfort of your living room and bedroom by using Knauf Sheetrock® Echostop™ that provides you with an acoustic and decorative solution. Its superior appearance contributes to where the ‘look’ is important as well as its acoustic performance.

Knauf Sheetrock® Unispan® is lightweight and resilient. The unique feature of this product allows for improved on-site productivity and material usage, which is great for ceiling materials in terms of aesthetics and design.

Moisture Resistance

Fibrerock® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panels are high performance panels that resist moisture, mould and fire as well as dents and penetration. Its Aqua-Tough™ formulation provides an improved moisture resistance, which is an alternative to concrete block and plaster constructions. This is great for wet areas, such as toilet and kitchen in your own home.

Fire Protection

Our lightweight fire rated walls and ceiling systems meet the required fire regulations. We offer a range of products within our fire rated building solutions, including fire rated walls and ceilings, fire tunnels, and fire-protected columns and beams. For specific fire rated walls and ceiling systems, please contact a Knauf representative.

Impact Resistance

When it comes to the stability and impact of your home, we recommend the usage of impact resistant lining materials. We offer a range of lining products that offers different levels of impact resistance. Knauf Impactwall wall has been specifically designed for high-traffic areas. Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ is a paperless gypsum board with cellulose fibre reinforcement that is also effective against hard body and glancing impact.

Mould Resistance

Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ interior panel offers mould, impact, and moisture resistance properties. This is vital when it comes hygienic importance. Fiberock® has scored a top mark of 10 when tested according to ASTM D3273.

For technical assistance or consultation regarding product information or installation, please contact us.