Knauf Solution



Entertainment areas, such as the Cineplex and Games Hall, require a complex and specific measure of acoustic performance to give the best effect and experience to the audience. Sound absorption, aesthetics, and fire resistance are vital in these areas.

We recommend the usage of our acoustic solutions and fire-resistant materials to provide you with the best maximised effect for your entertainment premises.


For movie theatres or Cineplexes, use Olympus Max that is designed with ClimaPlus™ Performance. It has a non-directional pattern that reduces installation time and waste. A substrate with water-felted mineral fibre, it is made of High Recycled Content (HCR) that also provides premium sound absorption.

Fire Protection

Our lightweight fire rated walls and ceiling systems meet the required fire regulations. We offer a range of products within our fire rated building solutions, including fire rated walls and ceilings, fire tunnels, and fire-protected columns and beams. For specific fire rated walls and ceiling systems, please refer to Knauf Fire Rated Manual for guidance.


In terms of aesthetics and design, we recommend you use Knauf Sheetrock® Echostop™ to give you both acoustic and decorative solutions. Its superior appearance contributes to a stylish and chic look. Whereas, its acoustic performance provides comfort and ease when it comes to areas, such as a cineplex.

Knauf Sheetrock® Unispan® is lightweight and resilient. The unique feature of this product allows for improved on-site productivity and material usage, which is great for ceiling materials in terms of aesthetics and design.

For technical assistance or consultation regarding product information or installation, please contact us.