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Health Care


In hospitals and healthcare establishments, it is vital to maintain and adhere to the safety and hygiene conduct. The design of such establishments requires a specific system and criteria that focus on hygienic importance as well as durability and comfort. Hence, provisions are made for fire resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance, and acoustic control. In addition to these performance factors, the elimination or minimisation of downtime during installation and ongoing maintenance are also crucial.

Knauf offers lightweight building solutions for a variety of interior applications commonly encountered in hospitals and other healthcare buildings.

Fire Protection

Our lightweight fire rated walls and ceiling systems meet the required fire regulations. We offer a range of products within our fire rated building solutions, including fire rated wall and ceilings, fire tunnels and fire protected columns and beams. For specific fire rated walls and ceiling systems, please contact a Knauf representative.


Acoustic panelling and sound absorption play an important role in creating a quiet hospital environment that is conducive to patient’s recovery and privacy. Such considerations include sound isolation for privacy and comfort as well as sound absorption in noisy areas. Our range of lightweight wall and ceiling systems that is effective in different levels of sound absorption.

Here at Knauf, we offer numerous products for sound absorption, including Mars™ ClimaPlus™ Healthcare ceiling panels with NRC ratings up to and exceeding 0.85 as we understand that effective reverberation (echo) control is needed for room surfaces by using sound-absorbing materials.

Impact Resistance

When it comes to hospital corridors, we recommend the usage of impact-resistant lining materials as they are accustomed to knocks by trolleys and general traffic. Knauf Impactwall has been specifically designed for high-traffic areas particularly hospital corridors. Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ is a paperless gypsum board with cellulose fibre reinforcement that is also effective against hard body and glancing impact.

Mould Resistance

Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panels offer mould, impact and moisture resistance properties. This is vital when it comes to hygienic importance. Fiberock® has scored a top mark of 10 when tested according to ASTM D3273.

For technical assistance or consultation regarding product information or installation, please contact us.