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Sunway Medical Centre


Across all specialty areas, the Sunway Medical Centre (SMC) is one of the top-notch private hospitals in Malaysia that offers specialised and tertiary medical care services, located in the integrated resort city of Bandar Sunway.  Sunway Medical Centre is part of Sunway Group, which is one of Malaysia’s most widely recognised and diversified conglomerates of established businesses.

The hospital has a total of 373 beds, 130 consultation suites, 12 operation theatres, and a multi-storey car park with 700 parking bays. As an accredited quality establishment, it is vital to ensure both aspects of quality and safety of the building is not compromised.

Here, Sunway Medical Centre has incorporated Knauf's Fire-Resistant Drywall system – Knauf Sheetrock® Firestop™ with 2-hour fire-resistant to bolster the safety and durability of the building's walls. 

Sunway Medical

Fire-Resistant Drywall System

Knauf Sheetrock® Firestop™
Knauf Sheetrock® Firestop™ is the market leader for interior lining fire protection, ideal for lining walls, ceiling beams, and columns which are used extensively throughout the world for commercial and residential construction. It is simple to install, specifically developed, and tested for use in fire rated applications. The application of this product in single and multiple layers provides a variety of fire rated and acoustical performance.