Knauf Solution



Office buildings and public infrastructure require a specific building guideline that needed to be adhered. Employees’ productivity is dependent on a comfortable and conducive working environment. Aesthetics, sound absorption, impact resistance, and aesthetics each play a major role in helping to ease the productivity of employees.

For comfort, aesthetics and quietness, we recommend the usage of acoustic materials with moisture and impact resistance to give the best performance to meeting rooms and offices for a conducive working environment.

Aesthetics and Acoustic

Improving the aesthetic appeal of your office can help to increase employee creativity and productivity. With that, Knauf Sheetrock® Echostop™ provides an acoustic and decorative solution. Its superior appearance contributes to its stylish and chic look. Whereas, its acoustic performance provides the essence of a workplace environment.

Moisture Resistance

Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panels are high-performance panels that resist moisture, mould and fire as well as dents and penetration. Its Aqua-Tough™ formulation provides an improved moisture resistance, which is an alternative to concrete block and plaster constructions. This is great for wet areas, such as the toilet and the pantry in office areas.

Impact Resistance

Office corridors and workspaces require adaptable impact-resistant materials as they can be susceptible to high traffic, which may cause damage to internal wall surfaces.

Knauf provides a range of lining products equipped with various levels of impact resistance. Knauf Impactwall, which performs severe duty resistance, has been specifically designed for use in high-traffic areas whilst Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ is a paperless gypsum board with cellulose fibre reinforcement that is useful against hard body and glancing impact.

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