Knauf Maxi Skim™ 88

Knauf Maxi Skim™ 88 is a vinyl-based, ready-mixed, high performance compound formulated for filling and smoothing monolithic interior concrete walls and ceilings. Designed to provide superior crack resistance and durability, it is easily applied with a steel trowel and can be sanded to achieve a fine, matt white finished surface. Knauf Maxi Skim™ 88 is a non-asbestos formula. It is specially designed for skim coating and finishing over various surfaces with low shrinkage. Complies with ASTM C475 (where applicable).


Net 5kg and 25kg re-sealable pail




• Skim coat on multiple surfaces such as concrete, plasterboard, and masonry
• Easy to sand
• Smooth finish
• Joint treatment and patching