Knauf Inspiration

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur


When visiting KL Sentral, one particularly marvels at the majestic building of the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. This building is the renowned 6-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur for its luxurious standards inspired by John Jacob Astor IV, who opened the “finest hotel in America” with the first St. Regis in New York in 1904. Hence, it is with this inspiration by Astor to create “the finest address” in Kuala Lumpur.

With such rich legacy, comfort and luxury go hand in hand to meet the requirements of this prestigious hotel. St. Regis features the “largest standard guest room” in Kuala Lumpur. As such, perfection and quality cannot be compromised.

Meeting the needs and requirements to construct such space, it incorporated Knauf's High-Acoustic system which outperforms other conventional wall system and fire-resistant drywall and ceiling systems that reduce walls thickness and yet complie with the safety of guest rooms.

St Regis KL

High-Acoustic System

Knauf Sheetrock® Impactstop™
Knauf Sheetrock® Impactstop™ is a lightweight and fire and high impact resistant solutions for high-traffic building. The unique feature of this system is its ability to withstand damage caused by impact from various objects.

Knauf Sheetrock® StandardCORE
Knauf Sheetrock® StandardCORE™ is the most versatile and modern interior lining product, which is suitable for ceiling and wall applications. It can be fixed to timber, metal framing, and masonry construction with a high-quality finish to any interior projects.


Fire-Resistant Drywall and Ceiling System

Knauf Sheetrock® Firestop™
Knauf Sheetrock® Firestop™ is an interior lining fire protection, ideal for lining walls, ceiling beams, and columns which are used extensively throughout the world for commercial and residential construction. It is simple to install, specifically developed, and tested for use in fire rated applications. The application of this product in single and multiple layers provides a variety of fire rated and acoustical performance.