Knauf Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing

Knauf Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing is a non-combustible, moisture- and mould-resistant high-performance panel for wet areas, tile backing and semi-exterior applications. The panels have non-woven glass-mat facers that repel water and feature square edges. The front facer glass-mat is primed and engineered to accept the application of Knauf finishing systems. The 5/8” (15.9mm) board is Type F (Fire) according to the EN 15283-1, A1 non-combustible according to EN 13501-1 + A1:2013, and non-combustible according to BS 476 Part 4. The boards can also be used as a backer wall for cladding systems such as metal, aluminium or composite cladding installed over the backer wall. Refer to your Knauf representative for more information.


12.7mm and 15.9mm


Installation in Interior and Semi-Exterior Applications


1220mm X 2440mm (4’ X 8’)

Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing Absorption Test

Please note that we are in the process of transitioning our brand from USG Boral to Knauf. With this, we are progressively changing and updating our product packaging, marketing literature and samples, technical documents, certification, website, promotional tools, etc to align with this new branding of our products and systems.

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