Pin Perf™ ClimaPlus™

Pin Perf™ ClimaPlus™ is a range of fine and random acoustic panels perfect for creating a clean and simple look in a professional setting. Pin Perf™ ClimaPlus™ is highly recommended for use in department stores, offices, corridors, and retail stores. The panels are able to withstand temperatures up to 49°C (120F) and 99% relative humidity without visible sagging when used with a DONN® brand suspension system.


16mm and 19mm


Department stores, Corridors, Retail stores, Offices


16mm and 19mm thick [593 x 593] [593 x 1194], 3/4” and 5/8” thick [2’ x 2’] [2’ x 4’]


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) [0.60 - 0.70]