Olympus™ Max™ ClimaPlus™

Olympus™ Max™ ClimaPlus™ is designed with ClimaPlus™ performance. It has a non-directional pattern that reduces installation time and waste. Olympus™ Max™ ClimaPlus™ is made of high recycled content (HCR) and features a water- felted mineral fibre substrate.




Offices, Classrooms, Reception/Lobby areas, Hotels, Conference areas, Retail stores


19mm thick [593 x 593] [593 x 1194], 3/4” thick [2’ x 2’] [2’ x 4‘]


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) [0.70]


Please note that we are in the process of transitioning our brand from USG Boral to Knauf. With this, we are progressively changing and updating our product packaging, marketing literature and samples, technical documents, certification, website, promotional tools, etc to align with this new branding of our products and systems.

Please refer to our sales colleagues if you need any clarification.