Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling

Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling is the new solution for interior ceilings that combines the seamless look of plasterboard with the acoustical properties of tile-and-grid systems.

The bright white finish and monolithic appearance eliminate distractive gridlines.

Scroll down to watch the Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling video and download the colour and design guide for more information.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to NRC 0.80, αw 0.80 (L), CAC 48
  • High light-reflective finish (LR-0.85) reducing fixture and energy use
  • Acoustically transparent spray-applied finish
  • Can be curved in concave and convex geometry with a minimum radius of 4000mm to achieve design flexibility
  • Non-directional, monolithic appearance with fine texture
  • Highly engineered Knauf Sheetrock® Ensemble™ Ceiling Panel to optimise sound performance
  • Installs and finishes similar to traditional plasterboard



  • Lobbies
  • Atriums
  • Executive and board rooms
  • Museums
  • Auditoriums
  • Galleries
  • Airports
  • Classrooms


Knauf Ensemble Seamless Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling Video

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