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CCK Endau Kindergarten

CCK Endau Kindergarten

From a proposal to use Durock® Cement Board to eventually becoming the sole building solution provider, Knauf Malaysia proves its prowess once again by combining top-quality materials and industry expertise.

Knauf Malaysia was the primary building materials supplier in a project to build the CCK Endau Kindergarten. The project commenced in May 2017 and ran until November 2017, with Knauf’s involvement in board installation spanning from June to August 2017.

The CCK Endau Kindergarten, developed by MIE Corporate Holdings, is the first high-end double-storey steel structured kindergarten in Malaysia. The kindergarten is situated in Endau, Johor which is approximately 350km from Kuala Lumpur. Its 2,738m2 space consists of various facilities including a fully-roofed swimming pool, a full-fledged internal running track, a basketball court, and two badminton courts.

CCK Endau Kindergarten

At the start of the project, Knauf Malaysia initially proposed for the Durock® Cement Board Exterior Drywall Solution to be used for the kindergarten. As the project progressed, we managed to gain trust from the developers. Thanks to the strong technical expertise and detailed drawing support from the dedicated sales and technical team, we eventually managed to become their complete solutions provider for the entire project. Apart from external drywall solutions, other Knauf products that were used included interior wall and ceilings systems.

We collaborated fully with our client, providing them with comprehensive support in terms of required manpower and resources. Logistics and stocks management were handled professionally by our Customer Service department, ensuring that deadlines were met with certain boards coming in from as far as Mexico.

As Malaysia is known for its hot and humid weather, the Durock® solution was a suitable candidate for this project. Durock®’s high flexural strength enables it to resist cracking, and combined with other features such as humidity and moisture resistance as well as ability to withstand to mould and mildew, it proved to be an effective deterrent to our country’s hot and rainy climate.

The client also lauded the fast and easy installation of the product, which was perfect for fast-track projects as it eliminates the usual cement mixing and drying time needed by other solutions. The boards are also lightweight, which effectively reduced the strain from the overall structure of the building.