People join us for many different reasons. For some, it’s because they want a chance to build better buildings or better products. For others, it’s because of the way that we look after our people, and encourage them to bring out the best in themselves, every day. At USG Boral, you will be in charge of your career.

We firmly believe that our success comes from the diversity and strength of our workforce. Our people are our number one winning strategy which is why we strive to attract and retain the very best. Read on to discover our values and our commitment to our people.

Our Core Values


At USG Boral, safety is a priority in everything we do. Being safe means zero harm – nobody getting hurt doing business for us or with us. It is the prerequisite to performance. It protects people, making them confident in working for us and with us. It promotes discipline in what we do, because the only way to be safe is to be focused and to do the right things. It means not taking any shortcuts.

Our Core Values


When it comes to building, it’s more than just working with products that you can trust. It’s working with people whom you can trust too. That’s why when you work with USG Boral, you’ll soon realise our word is as rock-solid as our products. Being open, honest, respectful and authentic in all our dealings isn’t just good business. It’s a cornerstone of how we do business.

Our Core Values


USG Boral is built from an extensive history of innovation that includes more than 1,300 patents for industry-leading products. It’s this culture of innovation that drives us to constantly strive for new and better ways to serve our customers, while encouraging creativity and flexibility in everything we do.

Our Core Values


USG Boral understands that when it comes to your work, you want the best possible results in the most efficient time possible. That is why we remain ambitious and disciplined in our pursuit of the highest standards of quality, efficiency and service. It’s about always improving, thinking outside-the-box and always striving to deliver the results that you need, in the time you need it.

Our Core Values


Collaboration is critical to improving the way buildings are built. USG Boral works with our partners, stakeholders and other businesses to share best practices and find new ways to improve performance. It’s about opening new doors and being open to new ideas. Ensuring our customers have the best, most innovative products available.

Why Join USG Boral

Our Purpose

We exist to contribute to improving the lives of our employees, our customers and our communities.

Why Join USG Boral

We Value Your Time

At USG Boral, we understand the value of time. We believe that a balanced work life for you to recharge by relaxing and spending time with friends and family will able you to be productive and efficient at work. That is why we continuously strive for high performance culture, to provide you a platform to be the best you can be in every way.

Why Join USG Boral

We Embrace Diversity

Diversity harnessed properly can be a beautiful and powerful thing. At USG Boral, our unique blend of cultures and personalities encourages our employees to think in global terms and embrace diversity in all its forms. Thus, it gives us a unique platform that brought is to where we are today and continues to be an important building block for our future.

Why Join USG Boral

We Grow & Develop People

Learning never stops. We all have the ability to learn something new every day. Here at USG Boral, we believe that we can only achieve our goals if our people grow. It is the capabilities of our people that determines the success of our company. We’re with you all the way, no matter where your career at USG Boral takes you.

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