Knauf Solution

Drywall - 102mm Impactwall System


Knauf’s 102mm Impactwall System is constructed from high density, fire- and moisture-resistant gypsum board, which carries the Singapore Green Label and is 100% recyclable. Ideally suited for high-traffic areas in hotel, healthcare and residential interior environments, Knauf’s Impactwall combines fire rating and impact resistance qualities with an easily buildable and attractive finish.

Completed with Rondo’s ZINCALUME®-coated metal framing and Rockwool insulation, the Knauf 102mm Impactwall System has the ability to achieve 1-hour fire rating performance.

Knauf Impactwall 1 Hour

  • Thickness: 102mm
  • Weight: 113kg/m³
  • Productivity: 25m² per man day
  • Sound Insulation: STC50
  • Surface Appearance: Very smooth; no skim coat required
  • Joint Treatment: Paper tape is used to seal joints, followed by application of joint compound.

Precast Panels

  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Weight: 420kg/m³
  • Productivity: 18 – 23m² per man day
  • Sound Insulation: STC 41
  • Surface Appearance: Smooth with 3mm of skim coat
  • Joint Treatment: The cementitious joint compound is applied between abutting panels. When dry, joint is tooled to form a 3mm groove and applied with a finishing compound

System Tested To:  BS 476 Part 22: 1987 (fire test) and BS 5234 Part 2: 1992 (Impact Resistance Test)

Product Standard:  BS EN 520

Fire Rating: -/60/60

Acoustical Rating: STC50


Suited for high-traffic areas in hotels and healthcare and residential interior environments


Singapore Green Label Certified