Knauf Solution

Quietwall® Acoustic System


Prolonged exposure to noisy environments can create anxiety and stress for building occupants, especially those in offices, hospitals, classrooms, and hotel dwellers. Thus, we recommend a minimum STC of 50 to achieve an environment, which generates better productivity and comfort for the occupants.

In response to the increasing demand for quiet and peaceful indoor environments, Knauf has designed a cost-effective partition system i.e.: QuietWall® Acoustic System. This system consists of Rondo QuietStud®, SoundBlock insulation, and a combination of Knauf standard and fire rated plasterboard to form an effective buffer against unwanted noise.

  • Increase comfort levels, reduce stress, and increase your productivity and peace of mind.
  • Healthcare benefits – quiet hospital environment improves patient healing and medical staff satisfaction.
  • Slimmer partitions and space-saving footprint.
  • Bell-mouthed service holes facilitate easier electrical cabling.
  • Labour saving and cost saving.
  • Simplicity and ease of installation.

System Tested To:  BS 476 Part 22: 1987 (fire test)

Product Standard:  BS EN 520

Fire Rating: -/90/90

Acoustical Rating: STC47


Office – Interiors of offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms.

Commercial – Interiors of hotel rooms, conference rooms.

Healthcare – Interiors of patient rooms, nursing stations, patient intake and discharge areas, etc.

Educational – Interiors of classrooms, exam rooms, lecture halls, school libraries, universities.

Ideal for any indoor environment where noise and sound need to be managed.


Singapore Green Label Certified