Aquapanel Cement Board Outdoor

Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology comprises comprehensive system solutions, made possible by a core product at the heart of each system – AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor. Manufactured from aggregated Portland cement, the board is the ideal exterior render substrate, which features coated glass fibre mesh in the back and front surfaces for added strength. The ends are square cut, and the edges reinforced with a smooth finish (EasyEdge™). It is a robust, non-combustible, water-resistant building panel and can carry a wide range of finishes – from paint, render and tiles through to decorative cladding. As a complete and lightweight drywall system, it can be shaped and curved into endlessly imaginative designs. Knauf Exterior Wall comes in two basic types: drywall, or as a rear-ventilated rainscreen façade. 




Used in exterior applications for walls and ceilings as a directly-applied (water-managed) or ventilated system


1.2m x 2.4m


approx. 16 kg/m2