Knauf Sheetrock® Impactstop™

Knauf Sheetrock® Impactstop™ plasterboard is manufactured from a specially formulated high density core encased in heavy face and strong back liner papers. They are designed to meet regulatory requirements for areas requiring resistance to heavy traffic, surface indentation and penetration damage, such as hospitals or school corridors.


16mm and 19mm


1220mm X 2440mm (4’ X 8’)


• Features a higher density gypsum core that provides additional protection recommended for severe duty applications as per BS 5234 when assembled with Rondo metal framing system.
• Complies with international standards such as BS EN 520 or equivalent local standard for physical properties classification for gypsum boards, as well as BS 476 for non-combustibility.
• Excellent acoustic properties when assembled in systems for commercial projects.
• Knauf Sheetrock® Impactstop™️ is also moisture-resistant and fire-resistant. It can be used in the approved systems to provide additional fire protection.