Drywall Home Manual (For Homeowners)

USG Boral's Drywall System, an excellent choice for internal partitions for residential homes.

It complies to high-performance standards to acheive heavy duty, acoustic insulation, impact & moisture resistant and thermal functions.

4 Key benefits of USG Boral's Drywall System:

  • Amazing Strength
    USG Boral Drywall Systems are able to withstand the weight of heavy load applications such as televisions and cabinets as they have been stress tested for durability and resilience.
  • Exceptional Acoustics
    Homeowners get to enjoy undisturbed sleep and a higher level of privacy with the use of USG Boral Drywall systems which can achieve STC rating of 45 to 50, surpasses traditional wet constructions.
  • Excellent Thermal Peformance
    USG Boral Drywall system consist of low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistant properties, allowing homeowners to enjoy a comfortable yet cooling environment.
  • Ease of Decoration
    Homeowners are able to express their creativity by adding on various colours, patterns and textures onto the USG Boral Drywall system as part of decorating their home.


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Please note that we are in the process of transitioning our brand from USG Boral to Knauf. With this, we are progressively changing and updating our product packaging, marketing literature and samples, technical documents, certification, website, promotional tools, etc to align with this new branding of our products and systems.

Please refer to our sales colleagues if you need any clarification.