Knauf Partnership Night

Knauf Celebrates Wins, Shares Plasterboard Growth Vision with Partners.


Knauf Partners Night

Last January 20, 2023, Knauf Gypsum Philippines held “Destination Great,” its first ever partners night. The event gathered all the top performing distributor partners in the country to celebrate the milestones the company achieved during its integration journey. Despite the challenges brought upon by the integration and working during a pandemic, Knauf Gypsum Philippines was able to accomplish a number of achievements. Knauf Philippines was able to grow its plasterboard business by 15% and its compounds business by 30%. Aside from this, the organization is on track with brand transition – selling 100% Knauf Boards earlier than planned. The success of the company would not have been possible without the support of the top distributor partners. Their past year performance was recognized and as a result received awards from the company.


Knauf Partners Night Guests

Titled as “Destination Great”, the event also aimed to bring the distributor partners on a “journey” as the Knauf Philippine team shared its vision to grow the plasterboard industry in the country. To reach “Destination Great”, the team must address customers’ needs through improving availability, installation capability, systems and solutions, operational and commercial excellence. With the vision in mind, the event was a success as shown by the partners’ enthusiasm in joining us as we start our travel towards our goals in 2023.

Knauf Gypsum Philippines, Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces gypsum boards and jointing compounds. It is also a fast-growing gypsum board brand used in various residential, commercial and industrial projects in the country. Knauf products include wall, ceiling, jointing and finishing compounds, acoustic panels and ceiling tiles, acoustic suspension systems, including metal systems.