Innovation meets technology in the USG Boral EasyFinish ® System, customised plaster replacement systems designed to offer a solution to site finishing application and performance issues.

This system combines the use of USG Boral’s non-combustible plasterboard with specially formulated bonding compound to ensure optimal performance and a time-saving way to level your wall.



Fast and Easy Installation

Dry installation can be done by semi-skilled contractors.

High Strength

Specially formulated bonding compound will last years.

Easy Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs and environmentally efficient.


Innovative solutions covering 4 finishing systems for all types of walls.

Stable and Minimal Cracks

More stable and reduces cracks compared to typical cement plaster.

Less Waste, More Green

Produces less waste and offers green construction sustainability.


USG Boral EasyFinish® Bond System

This system is also known as the “scoop” system, a cement plaster replacement system that is cost efficient, easy to install, and minimises the chances of cracks.

USG Boral EasyFinish® Frame System

This system uses metal framing applied as a wall lining, making it especially suitable for reinforced concrete walls or block walls with severe irregularities. It also improves acoustic performance while allowing services to be placed in its cavity.

USG Boral EasyFinish® Solid System
EasyTrowel® Application

This system achieves the severe duty class in terms of performance against impact. It provides greater solidity and durability with the EasyTrowel® tool, a patent-pending tool that applies the bonding compound in the right thickness to ensure a smooth, rock-solid wall.

USG Boral EasyFinish® Solid System
EasyScoop® Application

This system offers an innovative solution that places EasyBond® compounds in areas subject to higher chances of impact and indentations using the EasyScoop® tool, a typical mortar-and-sand mix plaster eliminator that doubles your productivity rate.


Smooth Walls

  • Extraordinarily flat and smooth walls
  • Treated with USG Boral proprietary compounds for a seamless finish

Solution for Irregular Walls

  • Quality, precise and accurate alignment
  • Eliminate uneven wall surfaces enhanced by glaring light

Quick and Easy Installation

  • Easy and quick to install with our proprietary tools
  • Job sites remain dry and clean

Ease of Installation

  • Simple installation process more than doubles the productivity compared to cement plaster walls

Minimises Cracking Reworks

  • Reduce unsightly cracks that happen in most cement plaster finishes
  • Remove the need to repair cracks
  • Deliver projects on time

Severe Duty Performance

  • EasyFinish® Solid System EasyTrowel® Application achieves severe duty performance for large body, soft body, small body and hard body impact
  • Excellent load hanging capacity

Warranted Performance

  • Backed by USG Boral’s high-quality standards and outstanding service
  • Limited warranty
  • Green construction



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