Premium Premix


Premium Premix, also known as TC28 or Boral Putty, is an air-drying, lightweight jointing compound for all three coat applications or as a finishing coat for gypsum board joints, angles, and fastener heads.

Physical Properties

Net Weight
28 kg and 5.4 kg

Drying/Setting Time
12-24 hours (depending on local conditions)

Shelf Life
9 months

Features and Benefits

Ease of Use
- Easy to mix, and no lumps
- Easy to apply under shear pressure
- Fast drying time
- Easy to sand

- Excellent bond to paper tape or joint strength
- Minimal shrinkage
- Exceptional crack-resistance
- Smooth finish

Recommended Usage

Suitable for use as all three coats in the Knauf three-coat jointing system.

Suitable for the final coating of gypsum board joints, angles, and fastener heads when used in conjunction with the USG Boral Premium Jointing compound for first and second coats.

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