Standard single sheet

MoistureShield gypsum board is ideal as an internal lining used in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets.

MoistureShield gypsum board must be installed in accordance with Knauf gypsum board's installation instructions in order to satisfy regulatory requirements for wet areas.

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Physical Properties

4 ft x 8 ft

13mm and 16mm

Edge Profile

Paper Surface Color

Main Characteristics
- Have water resistant agent (Siloxane) compare to standard gypsum board

Features and Benefits

Formulated with water repellent additives and encased in specified moisture-resistant face and back liner papers

Designed to perform in compliance with the building codes

Suitable for surface tiling weighing up to 32 kg/sqm

Easy to score and snap, and can be installed quickly


Wall and ceiling systems in bathrooms, showers, laundries, and toilets.

Tutorial on how to install drywall partition in just 3 easy steps!

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