Standard single sheet

FireShield is recommended for partition wall and ceiling systems where specific fire-resistance ratings are required. Provides a lightweight option where fire and acoustic performance is required.

Knauf Jointing System

Premium Jointing
Premium Premix
Premium Tape


Physical Properties

4 ft x 8 ft

13mm and 16mm

Edge Profile

Paper Surface Color

Main Characteristics
- Fire resistant performance
- Heavier with higher density
- Stronger, tougher flexural performance

Features and Benefits

Prevent the spread of fire for 30 minutes and up to 4 hours, depending on system applied

Specially formulated to resist the dehydration by heat in the event of a fire

Tested to various standards such as British, American or European standards for the products and systems that provide minimum periods of fire resistance

Seamless and smooth finish


Fire Rated wall and ceiling systems of warehouses, commercial buildings, casinos, convention halls, and hotels.

Tutorial on how to install drywall partition in just 3 easy steps!
System Solutions

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