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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA—Sept. 1, 2014-- USG Boral introduces Sheetrock® Brand Technology to the Asian-Pacific market, bringing a lighter, easier-to-install plasterboard that will impact the way the building construction industry works across the region. Starting today, the product ships in Australia and will be quickly followed next week in Thailand and Indonesia with more market launches coming in the next six months.

“USG Boral is committed to delivering the industry’s most innovative and advanced products to our customers. Our new brand promise and tagline “Innovation Inspired by You™” is a very public commitment to all our stakeholders” said Frederic de Rougemont, CEO of USG Boral Building Products. “With USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard, we are delivering what our customers have been asking for and it is the first of many innovations we are looking forward to bringing to Asia.  This product redefines the plasterboard marketplace by creating a more productive way to approach wall and ceiling board installation without compromising time or quality.”

USG Boral’s patented technology and innovative chemistry are key to the creation of their new plasterboard product. USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard is significantly lighter than USG Boral standard plasterboard, helps make the installation process more time efficient. For distributors, a lighter board is easier to lift and carry with less fatigue. A lighter product also means less wear and tear on equipment. More lightweight boards can be put on delivery trucks, resulting in potential fuel and freight savings. With a consistent core that’s easier to score and snap, this could translate to less waste and potential material cost savings.

Not only is USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard lighter, it features Sag-Defying-Strength™ – ideal for ceilings by being fundamentally reengineered for improved sag resistance and improved strength-to-weight ratio. Sag-Defying Strength™ also helps reduce the chance of damage during handling and installation.

USG Corporation and Boral Limited first announced their joint venture in October 2013 in an effort to close the gap across some of the fastest growing construction markets in the world. In connection with the joint venture, Boral has contributed its Gypsum division, which includes its plasterboard operations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and USG has contributed its Asian and Middle Eastern businesses, as well as exclusive access in the joint venture’s territory to its world-leading ceilings,  cement board, gypsum fibre board, lightweight plasterboard and joint compound building products technologies.

“We have embarked on a journey to modernize the building industry, while maximizing value for our customers and shareholders”, said Bill Hogan, Senior Vice President, Marketing. “We are proud to introduce USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard and believe it will help our customers build their business. ”

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About USG Boral

In early 2014, Boral Limited and USG Corporation formed a 50/50 joint venture known as USG Boral. With around 3,500 employees, USG Boral is a leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum board-based wall and ceiling lining systems, mineral fibre acoustical ceiling systems, metal framing, joint compounds, high-performance panels and accessories throughout Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.

USG Boral Asia

USG Boral in Asia is a leading multi-country plasterboard producer in the region. USG Boral in Asia has 21 manufacturing sites in Asia, including China, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition to plasterboard manufacturing plants, the business also has ceiling tile plants, metal roll forming lines and facilities for the production of jointing compounds and industrial plasters throughout the region, as well as an interest in a gypsum mine in Oman.

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