On 24 January 2018, USG Boral Singapore hosted our first Innovative Ceilings Night event for key representatives from top architectural and developer firms. The event gathered a total of 54 attendees with the aim of showcasing USG Boral’s extensive range of ceiling products. USG Boral Silenz™, a one-of-its-kind metal ceiling, is also officially launched during the event. The event started off with a welcome speech by Tan Peck Ling, General Manager of Singapore and Malcolm Chang, Market Development Manager of Rondo.

Max Shih, the Ceilings Manager from Singapore, kick-started a short presentation on the importance of acoustics and the significance of identifying different sound frequencies from various applications. Through the session, the audience was able to better understand the suitability of ceilings panels against diverse types of applications.  Max Shih went on to introduce USG Boral Silenz™, our newly launched acoustic metal ceiling.  

A specially constructed Silenz™ Tunnel allowed customers to fully experience the product’s outstanding acoustical performance that left many in awe, especially when these panels come without the presence of any acoustical felt. This makes it suitable for both commercial and transportation applications.

Terrence Goh, Architectural Specifications Manager from Singapore, continued the presentation with an introduction of the Ensemble™ Monolithic Acoustical Ceiling System. The newly launched ceiling system offers both the uninterrupted look of plasterboard and the high-performance acoustics of traditional lay-in ceiling panels. Exhibiting it in round and square ceiling shapes, it attested the possibility of having the panels in various profiles to suit any aesthetic requirements.

The presentation ended with Peter Wood, Architectural and Technical Services Director from USG Boral Headquarters, who highlighted several project references in Australia that demonstrated the capability of USG Boral Ceiling Solutions.

With the end of the presentation, our guests continued to enjoy the event with fun games, canapés and wines served throughout the night.

A video commemorating USG Boral Ceilings Night. Thank you for the support!