USG Boral @ BuildTech Asia 2017

USG Boral @ BuildTech Asia 2017

What: Showcasing our innovative Acoustic Ceiling Systems, Structural Flooring Panel and products for Exterior Wall Applications.

Where: BuildTech Asia 2017

Location: Singapore Expo Hall 3

Dates: 24th – 26th October 2017

The region’s leading trade show for the building and construction industry - BuildTech Asia 2017, hosted by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA), exhibited the latest smart construction and productive technologies that tackle the challenges of building and construction across various vertical industries. With our participation, it allows USG Boral Singapore to showcase our innovative building products and systems backed with unparalleled service to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

One of the main booth design highlights was the curved exterior wall design that was constructed using Durock® Cement Board, which is lightweight, durable and versatile. Visitors were impressed by how flexible the Durock® Cement Board can be even as an exterior application, making it an excellent alternative to traditional construction materials. This showcase led to various compliments for our booth.

Apart from Durock® Cement Board, another key product exhibited for exterior wall applications was the newly launched USG Boral Securock™ Glass-Mat Sheathing. Three different mock-ups were displayed to showcase applications in Exterior Finishing Systems, Façade Cladding Application and the Wet-Area Application. Visitors were able to understand the versatility and benefits of USG Boral Securock™ Glass-Mat Sheathing through the three applications.

Moving on to Ceiling Systems, USG Boral leverage on the exhibition as an opportunity to showcase a pre-launched metal ceiling called USG Boral Silenz™. USG Boral Silenz™ garnered a great deal of interest among visitors who were impressed with its high acoustical performance (NRC up to 0.9) despite the absence of an acoustic felt. The product’s acoustical performance was demonstrated to visitors through a tunnel walkway.

USG Boral Ensemble™ Monolithic Acoustical Ceiling System was another new ceiling solution proudly presented by USG Boral. This is an integrated system that offers the uninterrupted look of plasterboard with the high-performance acoustics of traditional lay-in ceiling panels. This system is well applicable to lobbies, atrium, executive and boardrooms, museums and other spaces with multiple hard surfaces.

Adding on to the various ceiling exhibits, USG Boral put together an art exhibition alike display of Acoustic Ceilings Tiles and Panels, which comes in a wide range of textures and patterns with a diverse range of noise reduction coefficient. From applications for schools to healthcare, visitors will be able to find the right specifications easily.

Lastly, USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor by USG Boral was displayed to demonstrate flooring application ideal for modular construction, auditorium decking, mezzanine and A&A slab works. It showcases the inner layers within the Structural Panel that constitutes of metal framing and Rockwool. This reflects the acoustic and stability performance of the flooring system. Visitors were invited to experience for themselves the durability of the Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor together with its structural and acoustic performance.

This exhibition marked another successful milestone for USG Boral Singapore in our journey to develop greater innovative solutions for our customers and communities within the construction industry.

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