Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Ceiling Colours Launch Campaign

USG Boral Singapore officially launched the Ensemble™ Colour Series in October 2019 with the campaign theme, “SYNESTHESIA”.  Synesthesia refers to a condition where the activation of one sense automatically triggers a second sensory. And people who experience synesthesia are known as synesthetes.

First introduced in March 2017, the Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Ceiling in White has been a favourite of Architects & Designers.  Driven by customers’ request for Ensemble™ in colours to suit their design needs, USG Boral Singapore is proud to announce that Architects and Designers can now achieve limitless colour possibilities with the unparalleled acoustic performance that they love.

As Architects and Designers often explore colours as part of their practice, the campaign key visuals aim to incite the inner synesthete within them.  Images showing the raining colours reflect the new possibilities and euphoria when working with USG Boral Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Ceiling.  


The Ensemble™ Colours Launch campaign aims to deliver various activations across multiple customers’ touchpoints such as the Launch Event, Bus Advertisements, Google AdWords, Electronic Direct Mailers and the enhanced Ensemble™ Microsite.
Bus advertisements were rolled out on 7 October 2019 targeting at Central Business Districts (CBDs) and main shopping areas and will end on 29 December 2019.

On 30 October 2019, USG Boral Singapore also held the Ensemble™ Colours Launch. Clients were treated to an art gallery experience, browsing through various printed art canvas consisting of Ensemble project images. The images demonstrated the possibilities of using coloured Ensemble™ Ceiling in areas including the lobbies, galleries, offices, corridors, educational facilities and other commercial spaces.

Riding on the art gallery concept, the team designed an abstract entrance piece using actual Ensemble™ spray compound colours and turned it into an art piece that won many praises.

The highlight of the evening was when Daron Cheah, Managing Director of USG Boral Singapore & Malaysia unveiled the four creative Ensemble™ Panels in dripping colours, bearing a deliberate resemblance to the campaign key visuals. Max Shih, Advanced Ceilings & Substrates Manager followed on to give an introduction on the features and benefits of the Ensemble™ Seamless Acoustical Ceiling Panels.