USG Boral Singapore launches EASYSET™ 20 Multi-Purpose Powder Compound

USG Boral Singapore launches EASYSET™ 20 Multi-Purpose Powder Compound


Product Launch

On 31 March 2017, USG Boral Singapore held the Official EasySet™ 20 Product Launch event. The launch event provided an excellent platform to introduce and showcase our product to an exclusive group of customers. EasySet™ 20 will set a significant pace to a growing compound category in Singapore Market.

Profile of Attendees
Ten key customer accounts were invited to the launch, and the customers’ profiles include directors, installers and applicators. The event was well received with a total of 44 exclusively invited attendees.


Training & Sharing Session

Invited professionals from Central Team conducted enriching theory lessons which were light and hearty. Sharing topics include common plastering problems & how to resolve them. Tapping on this opportunity, customers were also given a sneak peek on the latest USG Boral Compounds’ packaging. USG Boral then introduced the brand new EasySet™ 20 through a live demonstration, sharing plastering tips and benefits of using our new product.

Research & Development

Our research started back in early 2016, where the various functions across multiple business units teamed up to help with the invention and formulation of EasySet™ 20. Over the months we have gathered our resources to successfully produce and develop a new powder compound that contributes to solving existing customer and product gap.