Donn® DXII

Donn® DXII grids, available in both metric and imperial sizes, consist of 24mm (15/16”) exposed ceiling grid components that are used in both general and designer applications.

Patented proprietary QUICK-RELEASE™ cross tees lock in to minimise movement tolerance, which can be advantageous in low clearance areas.

Features and Benefits

  • 24mm (15/16”) exposed ceiling grid components used in general and designer applications.
  • The taller 38mm (1 ½”) height allows for a sturdier assemble and a better loading performance.
  • Patented proprietary QUICK-RELEASE™ cross tees that locks in to minimise movement tolerance.
  • Advanced steel galvanisation coating system on grids that resists corrosion and rust.
  • Manufactured with technologically advanced, one-step manufacturing process that ensures the highest grid quality.
  • Available in metric and imperial sizes.

Height: 38mm

Width: 24mm

Edge Details:
  • Square edge
  • Shadowline tapered
  • Shadowline
  • Shadowline beveled

Please note that we are in the process of transitioning our brand from USG Boral to Knauf. With this, we are progressively changing and updating our product packaging, marketing literature and samples, technical documents, certification, website, promotional tools, etc to align with this new branding of our products and systems.

Please refer to our sales colleagues if you need any clarification.